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My Evangelion Omnibus Collection by Kaizer617
My Evangelion Omnibus Collection
I've got all 4 Omnibus books of the Neon Genesis Evangelion Original Manga so far! I love the EVA Manga so much! It's 1 of those very beautiful & legitimate stories that I have come to respect & hold in a very high esteem. I don't care if Anno Hideaki wasn't involved in the manga's development. Sadamoto Yoshiyuki deserves credit where credit is due. That's why this is 1 my favorite manga series. I can really relate to Shinji & Rei on so many levels. Rei/Shinji 4 Life! On the cover of Omnibus 1(Vol. 1-3), Ikari Shinji & EVA-01/Shogoki, on the cover of Omnibus 2(Vol. 4-6), Ayanami Rei & EVA-00/Zerogoki/Reigoki, on the cover of Omnibus 3(Vol. 7-9), Soryu Asuka Langley & EVA-02/Nigoki, and on the cover of Omnibus 4(Vol. 10-12), Nagisa Kaworu & The Angel Lilith. I can't wait to get the last Omnibus. It might not be for quite a while. But time makes all things possible. I can wait.
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  • Listening to: Kageyama-Sama's Umnei no Hi Tamashi tai Tamashi
  • Reading: Dragon Ball
  • Watching: Godzilla Heisei Era Fims
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You've probably heard or read online someone use this term in many different ways. The original definition of a "Fan Boy" was just another word for a hard core fan of something like a band or musical artist(STAN BUSH ROCKS!) or an actor(Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, & Bruce Willis are God's gifts to the Action Hero genre.). But these days, the singular word "Fanboy" is used by True Nerds in a very different way. I'll be happy to explain to those of you who don't know to avoid any confusion you might run into in the future.

To clarify, a "Fanboy" is a person who constantly supports an extremely shitty modern theatrical adaptation of a popular classic television series, classic film, classic book, or classic franchise without knowing anything about the original & says it's perfect, despite how many horrible fuck-ups it has(Something like an extreme overusage of racist/sexist/homophobic slurs or stereotypes(Basically everything Michael Bay's made to bastardize our childhood that he calls "art".), fuck-up changes in the title character's origin story(Bay-Turtles & Shitformers. The Transformers weren't created by some stupid "Magic Cube". The Allspark isn't a stupid magic cube. It's the afterlife of the Transformers where their Sparks go after their bodies seize functioning. The Turtles & Master Splinter were pets, not lab animals. Splinter didn't learn Ninjutsue from a book(Seriously, no one can realistically learn any Martial Arts from a stupid book), he learned it from Master Hamato Yoshi.), shitty redesigns/remake of the characters that do annoying things(Bumblebee sounds so annoying using every goddamn audio clip in history to communicate, which makes no sense since he's somehow playing them through a car radio, which should not be possible unless that shit can connect to a wifi signal. Michaelangelo is an abortion that should be incinerated.), whoring the film out to every scumbag corperation in America(Universal Studios' The Lorax & The Cat in the Hat, Bay's Shitformers series & Bay-Turtles.), something extremely perverted/vulgar/disgusting shit like supporting these "Romeo & Juliet Laws"(Bay's Shitformers 4: Age of Suckage. Trying to justify his unnatural perversions.), showing a disturbing visible inuendo for genitalia(Universal Studios' The Cat in The Hat & Bay's Shitformers 2: Revenge of the Suckage. How dare he desicrate Devastator by making him look like a big ugly monkey with wrecking ball testicles?!), & not having any actual story, plot, or character development & chooses to focus far too heavily on special effects or bullshit(Everything Bay's ever made to bastardize our childhoods, again.)), & chooses not to hold the piece of fuck director/producer accountable for those fuck-ups, & shifts the blame on either an actor, screenwriter, or crew member involved with the project, & then when the Shin Otaku(True Nerds) who grew up with the original say how much they dislike or hate it & point out all of the shit director's fuck-ups, tries to tell them how the original went(The Transformers were created by the Creator-God Primus. Not some stupid magic cube.) & how it makes more sense(Seriously, who the fuck learns the anciant art of Ninjutsu from a BOOK?!), or explain how it's not canon to the multiverse of the franchise(Bay's Shitformers has no place in the official Transformers Multiverse according to Takara Tomy, & his interpritation of TMNT is too messed up to be considered canon.), the asswipe worshipers of these shit director/producers/adaptations just shit all over the original source materials(As if they have the right.) & say it's outdated, sucks balls(Eww.), it's gay(Fuckin' Homophobes.), or is just a retarded kid's movie/series/cartoon/book/comicbook or, if it's a classic masterpiece live action film series, says that every monster, fight scene, gunshot, sword slash, space ship, robot, or some other thing looks fake or like shit, not focus on the meaning of the story in the film, & waves information on how much money the piece of shit reboot/remake made from all of the fools who supported these shit films without knowing anything about the original, or the opinion of either a good director(We forgive you, James Camron.) or actor(And you, too, Peter Cullen.) who liked the film for some reason, in the faces of the True Nerds, & not offer any real argument to support what makes the reboot/remake a "superior" adaptation to the original source material.

Basically, most of the supporters of Michael Bay's shitty live action Transformers(The 1st 1 was enough. It was OK on it's own, but he got greedy & made a bunch of shit sequels that ruined it.) & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(I'm still on a like/dislike basis with it, but the fuck-ups are too numerous to redeem it as a Ninja Turtles film.) adaptations, Universal Studios' Dr. Seuss movies(The Grinch was funny, but the rest are just... I don't even wanna go into it.), Legendary Pictures' Godzilla(It was a good film. I enjoyed it. But it still fucked up in a few ways & failed to focus more on the title character & less on the antagonist's porking & boring human elements. That & they made Big G look a little on the chunky side. Still a good design though.) who like to shit all over the originals when they either know nothing of them or barely anything of them. If you liked these films, that's fine. It just means you have different tastes & there's nothing wrong with that. But the people who pretend like the originals don't matter & shit all over them, those are fuck-head Fanboys.

You know what Summer Blockbuster means nowadays? It means soulless piece of shit sell-out that panders to the lowest common denominator & the mainstream. It's just gonna be forgotten in a few years & become dated as all fuck.(Shitformers, Bay-Turtles, Any Dr. Seuss movie made by Universal Studios.)

This is why Cult Classics are so much better. Because they're actually memorable! Even if they have a small following, they're still 100 times better then a Summer Blockbuster will ever be. Because it actually spoke to people & intrigued them to the point where they want to watch it more & more! That's what makes them Timeless Classics! They don't even need a remake movie for them!(Footloose, Conan the Barbarian, Total Recall, Transformers, TMNT, the list goes on.)(Godzilla & Gamera are the acceptation since they're too fucking awesome to not get a new movie every few years.) Cult Classics are cinematic treasures. Though new films like Pacific Rim are really good, so not every movie that comes out today is complete garbage. Yeah, it's not totally original, but it stands on it's own as something great! It's like watching a mecha anime in live action! How fuckin' epic is that?!

 I hope this helps you for future reference. This isn't meant to offend anyone.

And remember, Cult Classic is way better then Summer Blockbuster, & "Classics are never outdated. They're timeless." That's my new motto.

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