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Shin Star Senshi Kaizer X by Kaizer617
Shin Star Senshi Kaizer X
This is my line-art of a future version of my Superhero OC, Star Senshi Kaizer. At some point in the future, he goes through an evolution, kind of like how Kamen Rider Black evolved into Kamen Rider Black RX. I call him, Shin Star Senshi Kaizer X. Shin is a Japanese word that has multiple meanings. It can mean God, New, True. In this case, it means "True". The reason I call him Kaizer X... Well, I don't really have a reason accept for the fact that it sounds awesome. It is in NO way related to X-Men. I've been done with that phase for 2 years. I've made new characters that AREN'T even related to X-Men.
Misato & Shinji by Kaizer617
Misato & Shinji
Just another EVA fan-art to add. This time of Shinji/Misato. As much of a supporter I am of the Shinji/Rei couple, I can't help but find the relationship between Shinji & Misato adorable. In some stories, I see them in a big sister/little brother kind of relationship, in others, I think they're a beautiful couple. And it's not like it's wrong or anything. Sure those kinds of relationships are frowned upon constantly, but society isn't perfect. I'm not saying I support pedophilia or anything of THAT nature. To understand where I'm coming from on my perspective of this subject, read the Fruits Basket manga. And I mean the WHOLE thing!! Not just 1 book. The main character, Tohru, her parents had a relationship like this. You know, both in different age groups, but didn't give a shit what people thought as long as they were happy, & waited until the younger party was older before getting married & having kids. That's basically my perspective on that subject. It's not wrong if you're happy & you wait until the younger party is older.

Picture I used for reference:…

Neon Genesis Evangelion belongs to Anno Hideaki, Bandai, & GAINAX.
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OK, as most of you may presently be aware of yourselves, my grammar sucks! LOL. JK.

Anyway, I'm finally tryin' to get outta my hiatus on my superhero OCs. In fact, I just came up with a few new ones! I haven't worked out all the details yet, but I'm doing what I can at the moment. But I finally came up with a better name for my main OC. Instead of calling him Watchdog, his name will now be Shadow Fox. I just got sick of hearing the bullshit I got from my asinine friend telling me people would think of the videogame too much. And he was sadly right. So, it's Shadow Fox now. Real name will still be Dante, but I'm thinking of changing his last name from Logan to something else.

Anyway, here are some of my new OC ideas.

Combat Android Takashi: Not sure if I'm sticking with that for a super-name yet. It's just what I'm calling him right now. As the name implies, Takashi is an artificial humanoid life form. Or put simply, a robot with a human appearance. He is a highly advanced super-android designed to protect the innocent. He was built with ethical & moral programing as well as emotional circuitry, giving him both a consiance & feelings. He's also programed to learn & to think which gives him independence. He's also equiped with a rechargable power cell that can power him for 3 weeks. He's build primarily for hand to hand combat(like Casshern), but he also has a few electrical based attacks(like Kikaider). He can actually transform, but only when he announces the phrase "Battle Up", that turns him into his superhero form. His superhero form will look something like an old-school Japanese superhero.

I wanna go for a combination of JAKQ's Big One(helmet wise):… Android Kikaider 01(I like his chest pad thing. That's actually his circuitry under the see-through part.):… And he'll have a scarf like Kamen Rider ZX:… I really love how Japan did robotic/cyborg superheroes back then! They have such style to them!

White Fox: Shadow Fox's mother and leader of the original Wildcards superhero team. Her real name is Heather. Again, still might think of a new last name for her & Shadow Fox. Her superhero name is a reference to Gary Paulson's novel, The White Fox Chronicles, 1 of my most favorite books. She was a normal human with an IQ of 120 before she volunteered to undergo an experiment to enhance her into a superhuman. As a result, her strength, speed, & agility were all tripled. A side effect of this process, she doesn't physically age, to the point where she always looks like a woman in her mid twenties. Not sure what I'm gonna do for a costume yet though. But her hair will be a very light almost white blond & she'll have green eyes.

Spector: I already drew this 1, but I thought I'd mention him anyway. He's basically the Batman-type character of the original Wildcards. He's Japanese. His real name is Katsuragi Hayato. He was originally a juvenile delinquent as a child, but his life changed when he was found severely injured by a local detective. Seeing his intelligence, the detective, Ishinomori Ryo, decided to train Hayato. Thanks to this Hayato became a skilled detective & a champion level martial artist. He's actually a Metahuman as well. He has a minor aerokinetic ability. He can't use this power to fly, he just uses it to augment his speed & accuracy. He's also Shadow Fox's Shishou(mentor). He trained Shadow Fox in the same way his montor trained him.

Windchaser: She's British. She's a speed Metahuman. And no, I'm not going for a cheep knockoff of the Flash or Quicksilver. For 1, she's nowhere NEAR as fast as they are, just super fast. 2, I won't cover her costume in lightening bolts. 3, she's also a communications expert. Haven't came up with a civilian name for her yet. Or a backstory.

Unnamed OC 1: Another member of the original Wildcards. This 1 is going to be another robot, but he will look more like a classic Japanese super robot. Like Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, or Kotetsu JEEG. But he won't be a giant building-size robot. He'll be about 8 feet tall. He will also have a few classic robot powers. Laser Eyes, Rocket Arms, ect.

Unnamed OC 2: Another member of the original Wildcards. This 1 will be another woman.(I know, a lot of my characters are turning out to be girls this time around.) She will be of Native North American decent, Not a metahuman or superhuman. But she will have a power that falls into the near mystical realm. She has psychic senses. I can't really go into much detail right now. She's just the most spiritual 1 of the group.

That's all I got for now. I hope you all like these ideas. If you can help me with some names, let me know. Feedback is always welcomed.

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